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Thank you to our reviewers

BMJ Leader would like publicly to thank and acknowledge everyone listed below who has served as a reviewer on the Journal during 2022. Below is a personal message from the Editor in Chief, Dr James Mountford, to all who have reviewed for BMJ Leader this year: “BMJ Leader is an international, peer-reviewed, online-only journal focusing on leadership in health and care. Our overarching purpose is to improve the results and experience delivered by health and care systems for their patients, populations and workforces. To deliver on this purpose, we help to build better leaders – people who are rounded, resilient and equipped with effective leadership skills and knowledge. To make progress toward this purpose, you and all our Reviewers really matter. Peer reviewed articles are the gold standard of evidence; publishing peer-reviewed material couldn’t requires the contribution of people like you. You are all very busy people, with reviewing needing to be juggled alongside many and pressing responsibilities. Furthermore, reviewing isn’t the best rewarded or the most glamorous role. But it is essential for advancing the state of our knowledge and debate toward our purpose. There is a chain which connects what each of you have done to patients getting better care, populations being healthier, and people working in health systems having a better experience at work. Good reviews materially improve the quality of what is published. Sometimes good reviews are challenging ones, but this helps what is published be better: more robust, more clearly expressed, more actionable. This matters even more when the state of knowledge moves ever-faster and when leading and managing in health and care is ever-more challenging. It’s in this context I want to thank you all for your contribution. We hope you will continue to support BMJ Leader in 2023 and beyond, as a reviewer and perhaps an author. Lastly, we’re always keen to improve our reviewers’ and authors’ experience of the journal. If you have suggestions – things we do well or things we should improve, or ways in which you would like to see BMJ Leader develop – please contact me (james.mountford@nhs.net) or any member of the publishing and editorial team.”
Sotoodeh Abhary Aalok Agarwala Ronald Agble Neha Ahire Abdullah Algunmeeyn Ja’far Alkhawaldeh Mervat Alrwashdeh Mitra Amini Kirsten Armit Fredrik Bååthe Alan Bagnall Rebecca Baron Eren Behget Claire Benjamin David Benrimoh Ali Bikmoradi Ivy Bourgeault Chevonne Brady Zoe Brummell Jamiu Busari Ivor Byren Ming-Ka Chan Kiran Chauhan Kate Churruca Matthew Cripps G Cummings Jeffrey Dalli Michael Daly Graham Dickson Durka Dougall Andrew Drakeley Aneez Esmail Mochammad Fahlevi Saul Faust Caleb Ferguson Becks Fisher Peter Fonagy Jan Frich Joao R Galante James Gamble Priscilla K. Gazarian Jaason Geerts Kamal Gulati Steve Gulati
Oye Gureje Vikas H Laurita Hack Emma Hadley Sally Hamour Louise Hardy Naomi Hare Reema Harrison Joshua Hartzell Simon Hearnshaw Alana Helberg-Proctor Gordon Hill Toby Hillman Joseph Home Evonne Hunt Newell W. Johnson Daniel Jolley Samantha Jones Indra Joshi Stavroula Kalaitzi Wouter Keijser Warren Kinghorn Kathrin Kirchner Ian Kirkpatrick Esther Kwong Leodoro Jabien Labrague Marcus Law Christy Lemak Clive Lewis Erwin Loh Nicki Macklin Vittorio Maio Laurie Marrauld Tahreema Matin Anne Matlow Ruth Mccabe Stephen Mcguire Judy Mckimm Rebecca Medlock Meghan Michael Simon Moralee Rachael Moses James Mountford Nadia Nandall
Pooshan Navathe Amit Nigam Christopher Oliver Nnenna Osuji Clare Price-Dowd Joann Farrell Quinn Lennart Reifels Carley Riley Chris Roberts Robert S. Rudin Anurag Saxena Janet Schwartz Jenny Shand Jo Shapiro Christine Sinsky Iain Smith Iain Snelling Lyn Sonnenberg Aaron Spaulding Ivan Spehar Dimitrios Spyridonidis Catherine Stoddart James Stoller Anita Sugavanam Javeed Sukhera Leanne Summers Prakash Swaminathan Tim Swanwick Inger Lise Teig Nitesh Tewari Jeff Tochkin Aizhan Tursunbayeva Mahmoud University Of Jordan Timothy Vogus Dominique Wakefield Sue Walker Justin Waring Siri Wiig Limin Wijaya Celeste Wilderom Caitlin Wilson Patrick Woodard Trisha Woodhead R. Yates Coley