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Thank you to our reviewers

BMJ Leader would like publicly to thank and acknowledge everyone listed below who has served as a reviewer on the Journal during 2023. Below is a personal message from the Editor in Chief, Dr James Mountford, to all who have reviewed for BMJ Leader this year: BMJ Leader strives to improve the results and experience delivered by health and care systems for their patients, populations and workforces. To deliver on this purpose, we help to build better leaders – people who are rounded, resilient and equipped with effective leadership skills and knowledge. Toward achieving this, you and all our Reviewers are key. Your contributions improve the quality of what we publish and helps deliver at pace, leading to timely real world impact. There is a chain which connects what each of you have done to patients getting better care, populations being healthier, and people working in health systems having a better experience at work. There are many of you: In 2019, 49 people reviewed for BMJ Leader; this year, over 200. We know this is done alongside your other commitments and while it is not the best rewarded or the most glamorous role, it is essential for advancing our knowledge and debate toward our purpose. To highlight the importance of reviewing, we have recently published an editorial setting out why reviewers and reviewing matters: https://bmjleader.bmj.com/content/7/Suppl_2/1.12. Here, we outline a range of ideas for ways in which we think BMJ Leader can better support reviewers, and—we hope—set out why a greater range of people can usefully be reviewers: diversity and inclusion matter also in reviewing. The editorial includes a link to a short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/6DPB8Q7. This explores: ● What might prompt people to become a reviewer or to mentor reviewers ● What holds people back from putting yourself forward as a reviewer ● How we could make reviewing more rewarding at BMJ Leader. If you have a minute, please help us by completing the survey, and circulate it to any colleagues who you think may be interested. This will help us grow our reviewer community and enable us to better support you in your role as a reviewer. And, of course, we are always keen to hear from you with any ideas and suggestions you have: please contact me (james.mountford@nhs.net) or Rachel Gemine from the editor team who is leading our reviewer work (rachel.gemine@wales.nhs.uk). When knowledge is advancing ever-faster and when leadership in health and care is at its most challenging, your support matters even more. So, it’s in this context I want to thank you all for your contribution. We hope you will continue to support BMJ Leader in 2024, and wish you a very happy New Year.
Ansar Abbas Mohammed Abu Zaid Yacoub Abuzied Nigel Acheson Emma Adams Adeyinka Adewale David Aldulaimi Anhar Alhussaini Joseph Allen Mervat Alrwashdeh Carmen Alvarez-Nieto Rahul Anand Mark Anderson Matthew Anderson Patrizio Armeni Kirsten Armit Kalaf Awwad Julia Backmann Suzie Bailey Paul Baker Roland Bal Aarti Bansal Edward Barksdale Michael Barone Dr Latelle Barton Andrea Baumann Gary Beck Dallaghan Sanjay Bhagani Kushagra Bhatnaga Anusheela Brahmachary James Brogan Zoe Brummell Jamiu Busari Laura Byrne Clare Cable David Cahill Stefan Cantore Will Carroll Carl Castro Eddie Chaloner Ming-Ka Chan Teresa M. Chan Navnit Chana Esther K. Choo Alice Chuang Daisy Chung Wayne Clark Rory Clarke Jennifer Cleland Kate Cole Amelia Compagni William O. Cooper Elizabeth Cote-Boileau Keith Couper Jo Cripps Graeme Currie Jane Dacre Jeffrey Dalli Arvin Damodaran Riccardo De Giorgi Michael Dewsnap Graham Dickson Kate Dobson Colin Douglas Nancy Doyle Jake Dunning Ross Dyer Giovanni Fattore Lucia Ferrara Helena Filipe James Fletcher Cecile Foshee Jan Frich Jaason Geerts Giorgio Giacomelli Robert Glatter Harsha Gowda Katherine Grailey Keith Grimes Kamal Gulati Steve Gulati Stefanie Gustafsoon Nada Hamad Deena Hamza
Deborah Harding Louise Hardy Eleanor Harvey Ebtsam Abou Hashish Gabrielle (Gay) Haskins Arvid Steinar Haugen Benjamin Hay Tuna Hayirli Lara Hazelton Jon Hodge Sue Holden Daljit Hothi Louisa Anne Huxtable-Thomas Bill Irish Trijn Israels Sara Javid Kaanthan Jawahar Laura Jefferson Edwin Jesudason Ajeya Jha Kate Johnston Benjamin Jones Lorelei Jones Indra Joshi Nolan Kagetsu Stavroula Kalaitzi Partha Kar Sasha Karakusevic Leonardo Kattari Sabreen Kaur Wouter Keijser Irfan Ullah Khan Nagina Khan Esmail Khodadadi Warren Kinghorn Harry Kingsley-Smith Liam Knox Jacobus Kotze Christina Koulouglioti Esther Kwong Kori Ladonna Chris Lavy Paul Lawrence Ian Leistikow Christy Lemak Clive Lewis Gabrielle Lindstrom Erwin Loh Janet C. Long Paul Long Andrea Lucarelli Steve Lurie Oscar Lyons Syra Madad Kim Manley Kathryn Mannix Graeme Martin Angelita Martini Anne Matlow Elaine Mead Claire Mercer Harry Minas Morten Moe Karen Montalto Simon Moralee Jess Morley Rachael Moses James Mountford Adam Murry Thirusha Naidu Karandeep Nandra Sunitha Narendran Eugene Nelson Simon Newitt Amit Nigam Adele Nightingale Julie-Lyn Noel Lizana Oberholzer Christopher Oliver Daniele Olveczky Chloe Orkin Kannin Oseitutu Alexandra Palombi Phill Pearce
Clare Pettinger Christine Phillips Natasha Phillips Carol Pizzuti Annabel Poate-Joyner Benedetta Pongiglione Tracy Porter Geoffrey Potts Clare Price-Dowd Shankar Purbey Joann Farrell Quinn Saba Raja Ahmed Rashid Sarah Rees Carley Riley Lara Ritchie Pamela Roach Chris Roberts Deborah Robinson Lynne Rowley Robert S. Rudin Nizar Said Gillian Sandstrom Marco Sartirana Anurag Saxena Janet Schwartz Amar Shah Jenny Shand Jodi Sherman Christine Sinsky Iain Smith Iain Snelling Mercedes Sobers Sophie Soklaridis Lyn Sonnenberg Ivan Spehar Janice St. John-Matthews Cameron Stark Catherine Steele Sarah Stewart-Brown Catherine Stoddart Jayson Stoffman Maria Stokes James Stoller Nancy Sturman Anita Sugavanam Javeed Sukhera Erin Sullivan Kathleen Sutcliffe Tim Swanwick Andrew Tagg Nigel Tai Kok Hian Tan Andria Tatem Yama Temouri Anupam Thakur Jack Tillotson Ole Tjomsland Aleksandra Torbica Ashwin Ts Chris Turner Alison Tweed John Van Aerde Pauline Van Dorssen-Boog Christian Von Plessen Barthold Gisle Vonen Dominique Wakefield Yuming Wang Richard Wardrop Iii Justin Waring Joy Warmington Richard Watt Lauren Weber Helen White Robin White Charlotte Williams Sharon Williams Toby Winton-Brown Michael Wood Albert Wu Rammina Yassaie R. Yates Coley Ahtisham Younas