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Call for Papers: Leadership, EDI, and social justice in times of crisis

Our health care systems are under increasing tension, and some are even buckling under the burden of ongoing crises. The Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, racial tensions, climate change, a rising cost of living and geo-socio-political conflicts are some global events contributing to these crises that are also causing growing inequities and disparities in healthcare worldwide. Furthermore “hope” is under challenge: in many countries, fewer people think life will be better for their children than it is for themselves. The leadership culture and styles within our health and health care systems are central to building solutions to these growing problems. BMJ Leader is an academic journal dedicated to helping build better leaders and nurturing a learning community through academic discourse and research. Our overarching purpose is to share work aimed at improving health outcomes and experiences healthcare systems and professionals deliver to  patients, caregivers and communities while supporting and nurturing  the health workforce. Taking the current global multiple and ongoing crises into account, the BMJ Leader intends to continue delivering on this purpose and plans to publish a special issue on “Leadership, EDI and social justice in times of crisis.”  We invite submissions of original research, commentary, review, and perspective papers related to this focus from our international healthcare leadership educational and research community. This special issue will include submissions in the following categories: 1. Original Research: these papers report original Research or evidence to answer specific research questions related to leadership, EDI, and social justice in health care systems and delivery. 2. Perspective or Narrative: these papers provide critical and evidence-based insight into interactions between leadership and health care inequity using a social justice lens. 3. Commentary:  these papers provide short innovative insights, pearls, or innovations on leadership, EDI, and social justice in health care systems. 4. Review: these papers report the analyses of existing information and evidence that have used a systematic approach to answer specific research questions related to leadership, EDI, and social justice in healthcare systems. For specific format requirements, please refer to the author guidelines. In addition to the above article types, we would also welcome submissions to the BMJ Leader blog under the category of Leadership in Art: These are original artworks in the theme of leadership, EDI and social justice. Art previously displayed at other exhibits is welcome. A title and brief artist statement to accompany the art (100 words max describing the art itself, and the role of art-making in your professional life) is required. Submissions are capped at three pieces max per artist. Please email the editorial office at info.bmjleader@bmj.com in order to submit these for consideration. The BMJ Leader Editorial Board endorses the theme of this special issue. Please note the submission deadline has now passed, and the expected publication date is June 30th, 2023. The submissions to this special issue will be fast-tracked for peer-review, revision, and processing and will be published online expeditiously. Please follow the online submission link https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/bmjleader to submit your manuscript(s). Upon submission, please select the special issue name from the dropdown menu and mention the special issue name in your cover letter. BMJ Leader is a subscription journal and all articles are free to publish. During submission, authors can choose to have their article published open access for and additional fee. For further information, please visit the authors page.
Further information The Editors would be happy to discuss articles’ ideas before submission.  Manuscripts of interest will be peer-reviewed, and approximately 12 contributions will be published. For any additional information, please use the following hyperlinks: Jamiu Busari & Ming-Ka Chan – Special Issue  Editors For specific questions, you can contact us  at the  BMJ Leader Editorial office For more information, please see the author guidelines You can submit your manuscript directly to BMJ Leader. More details about BMJ Leader are available on the Journal’s homepage