Table 3

Personal and organisational outcomes from open-ended responses to a survey of Samson Global Leadership Academy alumni

Types of programme outcomesNumber of participants (%), n=45Examples of quotes from participants’ open-ended responses
Personal competencies
 Personal competencies
 Self-awareness and management
18 (40%)‘I have better understanding on how my emotions affect my behaviour.’
 Social competencies
 Communication, relationship Building, talent development, leadership, collaboration and teamwork
30 (67%)‘Improved performance evaluation and development of teams and action on underperformers.’
Organisational outcomes
 Process improvement
 Creation and redesign
23 (51%)‘Reorganised to create office of patient experience and office of quality safety and risk management with physician administrator dyads.’
 Organisational change
 Growth, improvement and change
17 (38%)‘Able to influence on the organisational change toward a new model of caring.’
‘Improved and continued organisational growth in both facilities and doctors.’
 Patient care
 Patient experience, safety and quality
10 (22%)‘Reducing patient discharge time significantly. We worked on this project and it was a success story as it dropped from 120+minutes to 45 min or less.’
 Strategic planning
 Development and implementation
3 (7%)‘Strategic action planning around team engagement activities that resulted in healthy team engagement results.’