Facilitation—engagement strategies used for the implementation of Irish Clinical Guidelines
Perceptions of effectiveness of strategies usedNot at all effective
Slightly effective
Moderately effective
Very/extremely effective
Once off educational sessions for staff014.385.70
Repeated educational sessions for staff020.050.030.0
Pocket versions of the guidelines050.0500
Organisational level clinical champions033.322.244.4
Key nominated person in each department to support the implementation of the guideline020.040.040.0
Feedback post audit030.861.57.7
Leader boards (comparing results across departments)040.060.00
Electronic reminders33.333.333.30
Care bundles12.525.037.525.0
  • The categories strongly agree/agree and strongly disagree/disagree were combined to create a percentage agreement and percentage disagreement category.

  • Agree, % agreement with statement; Disagree, % disagreement with statement; NA, Not Applicable.