Table 2

Leaders’ perspective on innovation, recipients, context and facilitation for the implementation of Irish Clinical Guidelines on HCAI (survey results)

I have seen the guidelinesMRSA77.322.70
C. diff.77.322.70
I have read the guidelinesMRSA68.231.80
C. diff.68.231.80
I have used the guidelinesMRSA68.231.80
C. diff.5940.90
I have implemented the recommendations within the guidelines as they apply to my roleMRSA86.14.59.1
C. diff.
In my leadership role, I have supported the implementation of guideline recommendationsMRSA95.204.8
C. diff.95.204.8
  • C. diff., Clostridium difficile ; MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.