Table 2

Qualities of senior and emerging leaders

ThemesSenior leadersEmerging leaders
I. Clarity of purpose: improve care.
 I show such a passion for the patient. This is patient first, not just words. I can always connect all my actions to why this is good for the patient. (PS18)*Trigger to take a leadership role arises from a perceived dissonance between the purpose of healthcare and the status quo.Trigger to take a leadership role arises from their ambition to implement new ideas to improve care.
II. Endurance.
 You need to be willing to stick to it [a good goal], and keep going back to it, even when it’s not easy, even when it’s tough – you just keep going. And, in the end, you’ll get there. (PS10)Follow-up, keep people accountable, remind them about goals and purpose, take initiative even in tough situations, remain true to one’s own principles and ethics.Stand tall, persist despite resistance, maintain drive and ambition.
III. Positive outlook.
 People need energy and something I’ve learned is that everyone wants to be seen. That holds true for anyone at any level. And people feel more seen if […] you give them opportunities to actually present and discuss and you do that by being open, so I think enthusiasm and openness go hand in hand. (PE05)*Look forward, see possibilities, demonstrate enthusiasm and energy.Focus on opportunities instead of problems, receive positive reinforcement and feedback, demonstrate enthusiasm and energy.
IV. Authenticity.
 I had to be sincere, honest, and really try to get the discussions down to facts and also try to, as often as I could, demonstrate how we had come to the decision. (PS14)Humility, openness, listen, be trustworthy, passion.Humility, openness, ambitious, curious, professional, demonstrate commitment.
  • *PS: senior leaders. PE: emerging leaders.