Table 1

Brief descriptions of key action logics and distribution in a population of 5000 organisational leaders

Action LogicDescription% of organisational leaders sample 5000 2005–2015 Harthill
DiplomatSeeks to belong, obeys group norms and seeks to avoid conflict through harmony.1
ExpertThe single truth can be found. Systems can be perfected. Rules provide certainty. I am what I know.13
AchieverMy view is not the only one. Rationality, structures and processes to deliver results. I am what I deliver. Rules may be helpful.55
IndividualistThe truth is a construct—there are many truths. You and I are different—curious! Rules have many roles.26
StrategistParadox and contradictions are to be worked with. Seeks to generate positive transformations of self and the organisation. Adaptability.5
AlchemistSeeks social transformations through mutuality and vulnerability. Visionary.0.2