Table 1

Hospital COVID-19 response plan

StageCOVID-19 cases anticipatedPlan of action
0None1. Focused education
a. To staff
  • Infection prevention.

  • Internal procedures for care of a patient with COVID-19.

b. To public on infection prevention
c. To non-infectious disease doctors and nurses on clinical manifestations of COVID-19 and patient management
2. SOP development
  • For prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and management.

  • Specific SOPs for different hospital departments, for example, critical care, maternity, paediatrics, surgery and anaesthesia.

3. Entry point and facility planning
  • Identify and map out possible points of entry of patients with COVID-19 and prepare these for triaging.

  • Identify and map out all facilities and machines needed to care for patients.

1Case detected in KenyaAll actions in stage 0 plus:
1. Increase testing capacity
2. Infection prevention and control
  • HCWs to have N95 masks fitted.

  • Set up triage rooms.

  • Set up negative pressure rooms for cases requiring intubation.

3. Training and drills
  • For HCWs on patient with COVID-19 care.

4. Ensuring materials and supply availability
  • Stock levels adjusted to avail 6-month supply.

2Local and community transmission confirmedAll actions in stages 0 and 1 plus:
1. Revise hospital accessibility
  • Restriction of entrance to the hospital.

  • Restriction of visitors to the hospital.

2. Enforce IPC protocols
  • Set-up of screening points, for example, temperature screening at all entrances for staff, patients and visitors.

  • Mask wearing—mandatory for all.

3Case reported at the hospitalAll actions in stages 0, 1 and 2 plus:
1. Psychological support for staff caring for patients with COVID-19
4Hospital capacity exhaustedAll actions in stages 0, 1, 2 and 3 plus:
1. Consideration of alternative management sites
2. Activate diversion protocol to other hospitals
  • HCW, healthcare worker; IPC, infection prevention and control; SOP, standard operating procedure.