Table 2

Leadership attributes that received the highest scores (N=18)

DomainSubdomain—A competent leader…
Lead selfTakes responsibility for their own performance (N=13)
Models qualities such as honesty, integrity, resilience and confidence (N=15)
Engage othersCreates engaging environments in which others have meaningful opportunities to contribute (N=14)
Listens well and encourages an open exchange of information and ideas using appropriate communication media (N=13)
Facilitates environments of collaboration and cooperation to achieve results (N=15)
Wants to understand the commitment being made and to be assured it will have a positive effect on their community (N=12)
Achieve resultsInspires vision by identifying, establishing and communicating clear and meaningful expectations and outcomes (N=12)
Acts in a manner consistent with organisational values to provide effective and efficient public-centred service (N=11)
Assesses and evaluates outcomes (N=13)
Invites the community to set the direction (N=11)
Understands that cultural safety is more than a history lesson (it is about opening dialogue with many different people about wellness; in this sense, the leader creates the appropriate conditions for this dialogue and joint learning to take place) (N=13)
Develop coalitionsCreates connections, trust and shared meanings with individuals and groups (N=13)
Facilitates collaboration, cooperation and coalitions among diverse groups and perspectives with the aim to improve service (N=11)
Systems transformationQuestions and challenges the status quo (thereby effecting positive change and fostering innovation) (N=15)
Creates a climate of continuous improvement and creativity aimed at systemic change (N=14)