Table 2

'Most’ and ‘Least’ important attributes associated with clinical nursing leadership (N=296)

Rank No‘Most’ important attributes%
1Consider relationship valuable.90.2
3Is caring/compassionate.88.9
4Is visible in practice.88.5
5Is an effective communicator.88.5
6Is courageous.88.5
7Deals with resource allocation.88.2
8Inspires confidence.88.2
9Is articulate.88.2
10Copes well with change.87.8
11Is approachable.87.8
‘Least’ important attributes
1Is artistic/imaginative.22.0
2Aligns people.21.6
3Is a teacher.20.9
4Takes calculated risks.20.9
5Is a mentor.20.3
6Is a negotiator.20.3
7Is creative/innovative.19.6
8Is consistent.19.6
9Has management experience.19.3
10Is a coach.19.3