Table 1

Characteristics of the included review articles

Author and publication yearType of review articleNo. of referencesCountries
1. McKimm et al, 200931 Comparative review of ML development40UK; New Zealand
2.O’Sullivan and McKimm, 201132 Case study-based review of ML development16Denmark; USA; Canada; Italy; Australia; New Zealand
3. Coltart et al, 2011Literature search based ‘viewpoint’ on ML development for early career doctors24UK
4.Webb et al, 201435 Systematic literature review on medical curricula containing ML teaching interventions34Various countries
5. Jorm and Parker, 2014Literature based ‘perspective’ on (lack of) evidence for ML development programmes and education25Australia
6. Sebastian et al, 2016General review on a national ML framework65Australia
7.Hartley 201636 Literature review-based assessment framework for ML development across systems70Various countries