Table 1

The characteristics of the physicians in the three samples of hospitals’ (Denmark, Australia and Switzerland) mean, SD, correlation coefficients and coefficient alphas of dependent and explanatory variables

Sample 1 (n=2264)
 Job satisfaction (single item)4.321.35
 Job satisfaction (scale)n.a.†n.a.†
 Intention to quit (inverse)3.341.550.31***
 Global transformational leadership23.716.760.32***0.30***(0.94)
 Line manager is a clinical expert0.580.490.16***0.12***0.39***
Sample 2 (n=335)
 Job satisfaction (single item)3.741.35
 Job satisfaction (scale)33.237.610.77***(0.88)
 Intention to quit (inverse)2.891.630.50***0.55***
 Global transformational leadership23.537.850.32***0.50***0.31***(0.97)
 Line manager is a clinical expert0.610.490.12*0.20***0.11*0.54***
Sample 3 (n=315)
 Job satisfaction (single item)3.591.36
 Job satisfaction (scale, n=158)34.395.570.34***(0.81)
 Intention to quit (inverse, n=155)2.211.390.28***n.a.‡
 Global transformational leadership17.314.540.26***0.66***0.42***(0.91)
 Line manager is a clinical expert0.680.470.12*0.33***0.22***0.41***
  • Coefficient (Cronbach’s) alpha on constructs in parentheses.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • †The generic job satisfaction scale was not collected in the Denmark sample.

  • ‡Nobody filled out both; respondents were randomised to either fill out the scale or the intention to quit.