Table 6

Correlational results of medical trainees* and supervisor† Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) ratings of leadership competency domains with clinical performance measures across specialties

Leadership competencyPerformance 1Performance 2Mean performance‡
Medical trainee VAS self-reports
 Ethical and Social Responsibility−0.203§−0.079−0.115
 Team Management0.0180.040−0.002
 Vision and Strategy−0.0080.003−0.025
 Creativity and Innovation−0.070−0.091−0.085
 Communication and Interpersonal Influence−0.122−0.080−0.123
Supervisor VAS ratings
 Ethical and Social Responsibility0.1610.257¶0.233§
 Team Management0.1830.272¶0.286¶
 Vision and Strategy0.1690.259§0.294¶
 Creativity and Innovation0.244§0.287¶0.322¶
 Communication and Interpersonal Influence0.258§0.286¶0.309¶
  • *Sample sizes for VAS self-reports for trainees range from 94 to 157. Overall is the overall mean across all seven self-reported competency domains.

  • †Sample sizes for VAS supervisor reports range from 68 to 118. Overall is the overall mean across all seven supervisor-reported competency domains.

  • ‡Mean across two measurement points.

  • §Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (two-tailed).

  • ¶Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (two-tailed).