Table 1

Phase One leadership competency domains and ratings/rankings of importance

Leadership competency domainsMean (SD)*Rank ordering
Communication6.64 (0.55)26816
Civility6.12 (0.86)2136
Self-Leadership6.09 (0.72)33612
Interpersonal Influence6.09 (0.77)2338
Ethical Leadership and Social rRsponsibility6.09 (0.68)2114
Team Management6.06 (0.83)34310
Creativity and Innovation5.97 (0.95)3238
Strategy5.94 (0.83)27312
Vision5.91 (0.93)111315
Forming Teams and Task Management5.91 (0.84)33612
Project Management5.91 (0.88)1124
Decision and Judgement Analytics5.85 (0.91)2248
Diversity and Intercultural Awareness5.58 (0.83)0202
Safety5.30 (1.13)0000
  • Due to small sample sizes, means and rankings were not compared between different subgroups of subject matter experts.

  • *Measured on a 1 (low importance) to 7 (high importance) Likert scale.