Table 1

Suggested criteria for surgical prioritisation and rankings based on various strategies

CriteriaPatient #
Surgical risk factors
 ASA class2213121321
 Surgical urgency1331213311
Capacity requirement factors
 OR time1113131221
 OR staffing1223231221
 Blood requirement1112131331
 PPE consumption3313322231
 ICU requirement1113131321
 Length of stay1223231332
COVID-19 risk factors
 COVID-19 status3221331311
 COVID-19 comorbidities1113131331
 Case transmission risk2323131223
Total points18231931203215322716
Rankings based on various prioritisation strategies
 Reserve system1771617711
 Point system3648591972
  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; ICU, intensive care unit; MCDA–QEWT, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis–Quantitative Entropy-Weighted Technique of Order Preference Similarity to Ideal Solution; OR, operating room; PPE, personal protective equipment.