Strategy networkLeadership role
‘I can’t imagine a time when I can look back and internalise and rationalise the scale and pace of this project. It went against everything I had learned in my career. I look back with wonderment and disbelief’.Executive director
‘I quickly realised that oxygen wasn’t just a Dragon’s Heart issue, it was an NHS wide problem’.Procurement
‘I gate-crashed whatever meeting I felt would give me the knowledge to do what I’d been asked to do’.Workforce
‘We were all working flat out – but often appeared just hours/days ahead of the curve at best, and at times behind it. Decisions that previously would take months/years (or simply be impossible to make) were agreed in days’.Executive director
‘I am sure that there will be many different examples of the challenges, but mine in the main were about controls, commitment of resources within delegated limits, speedy decision making and partnership working’.Executive director