Table 1

Site characteristics

Healthcare institutionPatient populationsICU beds (n)Total patients enrolled (n) and total wishes implemented (n)Duration of 3WP implementation at time of data collectionMissionValues
Site 1Medical, surgical23369 patients
1982 wishes
5.5 yearsLiving the legacy: Compassionate care. Faith. Discovery.Dignity, respect, service, justice, responsibility, enquiry.
Site 2Trauma and neurosurgical
Medical and surgical
134 patients
554 wishes
1 year, 3 monthsCatholic healthcare organisation providing compassionate physical, emotional and spiritual care to all in need. We advance excellence in healthcare through world-class education, research and innovation.Human dignity, compassion, excellence, community, inclusivity.
Site 3Medical, surgical, trauma3094 patients
295 wishes
1 year, 3 monthsCome together as one collective team to deliver an exceptional care experience for all.We care for everyone, we are always learning, we strive for better results.
Site 4Medical24133 patients
494 wishes
10 monthsTo deliver leading-edge patient care, research and education.Ensure integrity, compassion, respect, teamwork, excellence and discovery in the work we do daily.
  • The table describes the characteristics of participating hospitals and ICUs.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; 3WP, 3 Wishes Project.