Table 2

Interview participant characteristics

Title/roleRoleClinical involvement with 3WPInvolvement in 3WP implementation decision
Chief executive officerAdministratorNoneNo
Chief medical officerAdministratorNoneNo
Chief medical officerAdministratorNoneNo
Chief medical officerAdministratorNoneNo
Chief nursing executiveAdministratorNoneNo
Chief, pulmonary and critical care divisionAdministratorNoneNo
Clinical programme directorAdministratorNoneNo
Operations director, acute careAdministratorNoneYes
Senior medical director, acute careAdministratorDirect clinical involvementNo
Chief of medicineManagerIndirect clinical involvementNo
Chief of staffManagerNoneNo
Clinical manager, ICUManagerNoneNo
Clinical nurse manager, ICUManagerIndirect clinical involvementYes
Manager, clinical services (including ICU)ManagerIndirect clinical involvementYes
Chief, department of critical careManagerDirect clinical involvementYes
Medical director, ICUManagerDirect clinical involvementYes
Medical director, step down unitManagerDirect clinical involvementNo
Medical director, quality for ICUManagerDirect clinical involvementYes
Director, spiritual care departmentManagerNoneNo
Director, hospital volunteer servicesManagerNoneNo
  • The table outlines the characteristics of hospital leaders we interviewed.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; 3WP, 3 Wishes Project.