Table 2

Quotes addressing the theme ‘Attitudes towards interdisciplinary working’

Non-clinical managersClinical managers
‘The general problem we have with clinicians is that medical training teaches to do the best for the patient in front of you and not about the bigger picture.’ ‘They see themselves as a separate entity. At the moment, it’s them and us and it shouldn’t be. They should realise that the clinicians are an important part of the structure.’
‘The majority [of clinical managers] want to do a good job but they are not looking at the bigger picture.’ ‘I think it takes practice and patience. It does take a while to get the trust of non-clinicians. What they want in a clinical leader is somebody to front up things, which is usually bad!’
‘I find it really important both to engage and work with clinical colleagues, but […] you need to understand both the patient’s perspective and the impact on clinical practice.’ ‘The big issue is [that] we speak a different language. It’s a totally different outlook on the world if you’re a doctor and you think in single-patient terms.’