Table 4

Quotes addressing the theme ‘Barriers to achieve shared leadership in the ICS’

Non-clinical managersClinical managers
‘Sometimes, clinicians can become very entrenched in their own view and their own way, and that is the only way.’ ‘Lack of clarity of goals and when your goals don’t align with our [own] goals. I don’t blame them, we’re not part of the same organisation, they’re jumping to a slightly different tune to us.’
‘Clinicians work under extreme constraints of time; and sometimes as managers, we do have the luxury of having a meeting, and mulling things over.’ ‘Our time is just so pulled across in so many places. There is always going to be conflict when you have got essentially a part-time contributor and a full-time team member.’
‘[There is a] resistance to letting go of the ways that they have always worked.’ ‘Organisational barriers, the context we’re working in, the actual structure, governance setup.’
  • ICS, integrated care system.