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Board affiliate pilot: leadership and innovation—creating new opportunities to deliver better patient care


Background Leadership and management have become a key facet of medical training. However, there remains enormous variation in the quality and effectiveness of medical leadership training. This article describes an innovative pilot programme that aimed to prove a new method of developing clinical leaders.

Methods We undertook a 12-month pilot integrating a doctor in training onto our trust board in a role called the ‘board affiliate’. We collected qualitative and quantitative data throughout our pilot programme.

Results Qualitative data demonstrated a clear positive impact of this role on senior management and clinical staff. Our staff survey results increased from 47.4% to 50.3%. The pilot programme has had such an impact on our organisation that we have expanded the single pilot role into two positions.

Conclusion This pilot programme has demonstrated a new and effective method of developing clinical leaders.

  • clinical leadership
  • engagement
  • learning organisation
  • medical leadership

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