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68 National sarcoma MDT reform: the art of kintsugi. A quality improvement project to the direction of optimal person – centred care
  1. T Watson-Fargie1,
  2. S Lo2,
  3. F Cowie1,
  4. J White1,
  5. P Chong3,
  6. A Mahendra4,
  7. L Campbell5,
  8. C Paterson1,
  9. I Nixon1
  1. 1Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glagsow
  2. 2Department of Plastic Surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
  3. 3Department of General Surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
  4. 4Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
  5. 5West of Scotland Centre Network, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow


Introduction Sarcomas are rare and diverse malignancies, constituting of <1% of all cancers. The National Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team Meeting has a pivotal role in the management of sarcoma patients and it functions to enable safe, timely, equitable, person-centred care. Previous audit work showed 17% of cases referred for discussion at the National Sarcoma MDT are deferred due to lack of information. Recently a new robust referral process and a new referral form was implemented to improve the quality of referrals received.

Aims To increase the percentage of referred cases that are discussed by improving quality of the referral process.

Methods Data was collected over two data periods during different phases in implementation of a new referral process. PDSA cycles were performed and data compiled into a Microsoft Excel document for analysis.

Results Implementation and encouragement of a new referral form showed an increase in the key domains of information required for MDT discussion. This resulted in an increase in case discussion by 15%.

Conclusion Referrals to a national MDT need to be succinct yet provide key clinical information to allow for adequate discussion and management. Implementation of a rigorous referral process will improve patient care in this setting and highlighting form adherence has improved its completion.

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